Lanthan Safe Sky looks back at a successful founding year and begins a new one full of potential

Lanthan Safe Sky Transponder BNK
The Lanthan Safe Sky GmbH was founded in spring of 2020 as a joint venture between three companies; Air Avionics, RECASE, and Lanthan.Declared objective of the company is to increase acceptance of wind energy through Aircraft Detection Warning System (in short transponder ADLS).Contracts to equip more than 3000 wind turbines were finalized and many projects have been installed and completed.As many as 100 projects are currently in the implementation phase. Approval procedures are being supported without extra cost with extensive documentation.In just 9 months the team has effectively more than doubled in size with now over 30 employees. Walldorf, December 11, 2020 Lanthan Safe Sky was founded in spring of this year with the objective of providing dark night skies to both nature and...

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World Premiere in Neuengörs: The first transponder-based Aircraft Detection Lighting System (ADLS) goes online and provides immediate dark night skies

On February 26th at 6.30 pm at the Civic Wind Farm of Neungörs, the permanently blinking obstruction warning light was turned off and replaced with a demand-controlled lighting system (ADLS).The residents around the windfarm reap the profits of maximum switch-off times of the hazard beacons thanks to the newly installed innovative ADLS system.Lanthan Safe Sky was the first company to receive licensing approval for the transponder-based ADLS system and was able to successfully establish the approval processes for switching off the hazard beacons at night. Walldorf/Neuengörs, February 26th, 2021 It’s a moment which Eike Schuldt, General Manager of the Civic Wind Farm Neuengörs-Weede, has long looked forward to. The constantly blinking hazard warning lights were switched off permanently...

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Lanthan Safe Sky will supply Germany’s largest cohesive ADLS Project

Transponder BNK Lanthan Safe Sky
Lathan Safe Sky GmbH has, together with LEE NRW (A State Association for Renewable Energy), finalized a collaboration project to supply efficient transponder based ADLS systems for North Rhine-Westphalia. The state has over two thousand wind turbines all requiring the technology to be darkened at night when no air traffic is flying close-by. An optimal positioning of two hundred transponder receivers was necessary. Provided all operators participate in this project, there would be a potential to save over one hundred additional receivers. The first fifty receivers have been ordered bindingly by LEE and the project’s implementation phase has begun. In recent months an optimal outfitting of the WTG occupied areas of North Rhine- Westphalia has been determined. Now the potential to implement...

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Offshore Approval for Lanthan Safe Sky Transponder-Based ADLS STHDS4.0

Transponder BNK - Lanthan Safe Sky GmbH.
Walldorf, 1st of October 2020 The type certified transponder ADL-System (Aircraft Detection Light System) STHDS4.0 of Lanthan Safe Sky GmbH was confirmed by German offshore authorities (BSH, SOLF requirements) to be compliant for offshore application. Thus, the transponder ADLS, which was developed from the beginning for offshore use, is now officially approved for this purpose. “We are convinced that our ADLS, which can be deeply integrated into wind farms, is fit-for-purpose for offshore projects. With our experience in the integration of systems into offshore WTGs and the SCADA infrastructure of the transition piece, on the offshore substation and in the wind farm, we are developing the ideal solution for offshore projects with the respective operators and suppliers of aviation...

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