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News from Lanthan Safe Sky.

Lanthan Safe Sky reaches another milestone

aircraft detection lighting systems (ADLS) activated for more than 1,000 wind turbines
True to the company’s mission “For safe skies and dark nights”, leading ADLS manufacturer Lanthan Safe Sky (LSS) and its customers can celebrate a milestone in the company’s history …

Mission “Boosting acceptance” celebrates 3rd company anniversary

Lanthan Safe Sky continues to grow in year of record activations
On April 6, 2020, Lanthan Safe Sky was founded with the mission to drive the uptake of wind energy through innovative technology. “Transponder-based aircraft detection lighting systems …

Lanthan Safe Sky ensures dark nights and greater acceptance of wind energy across the board

408 wind turbines switched to dark, systems for a further 518 wind turbines already installed
With an implementation phase that has clearly picked up speed in recent weeks, Lanthan Safe Sky (LSS) is setting new standards among providers of transponder-based on-demand night-time identification (OID) …

Success for aircraft detection lighting systems

In future, ADLS will also be approvable in control zones
In the foreseeable future, residents and nature around wind farms in Germany will also be able to benefit from aircraft detection lighting systems (ADLS for short) in designated control zones …

Lanthan Safe Sky welcomes new management

Henning von Barsewisch and Christian Hammer appointed as Managing Directors
Lanthan Safe Sky is pleased to announce a new top management team: Henning von Barsewisch will join the company as its new Managing Director …

Minimal light pollution with maximum safety

Aircraft detection lighting system ensures dark nights around wind turbines across Germany
A successful start to 2022: In the presence of Minister President Hendrik Wüst, the State Association for Renewable Energies North Rhine-Westphalia (LEE NRW) and Lanthan Safe Sky activated Germany’s largest project …

Lanthan Safe Sky reaches another milestone

More than 50 ADLS projects close to approval, six systems already approved
After three successful quarters in 2021, Lanthan Safe Sky is delighted to have reached another milestone in its still young company history: more than 50 approval processes are nearing …

The nights are getting darker in Schleswig-Holstein

BNK SH Nord and Lanthan Safe Sky (LSS) are converting more than 300 wind turbines to transponder-based aircraft detection lighting system
Few topics are discussed more frequently in the context of the energy transition than the acceptance of wind energy, which is the most important component of renewable energies …
Lanthan Safe Sky Transponder BNK

Lanthan Safe Sky looks back at a successful founding year and begins a new one full of potential

Walldorf, December 11, 2020 Lanthan Safe Sky was founded in spring of this year with the objective of providing dark night skies to both nature and residents living close to wind turbines, and by the same token ensuring the security of those utilizing the lower airspace. The achievement of these goals is being made possible […]

For a safe sky and dark nights.