Over 40 team members.
Decades of experience.
One mission.

For a safe sky.

Lanthan Safe Sky Ltd. was founded as a joint venture between the three companies AIR Avionics, RECASE and Lanthan in 2020. The three companies started working together on transponder-based ADLS systems many years ago, with a mission to create a safe, market-mature, cost-effective and sustainable detection technology. 

We worked hard for a long time to create acceptance for our young technology on many levels, politically, at association level and by other stakeholders - with success, as a broad consensus has been achieved as new legal regulations in countries such as Germany, but also at ICAO, the highest-ranking international civil aviation organization worldwide, allow the use of our transponder technology which is based on the sole reception of data already being emitted by aircraft.

Together, we founded Lanthan Safe Sky Ltd. in order to be able to serve our customers with the entire expertise of the three companies involved. 


Lanthan Safe Sky
Lanthan Safe Sky
Lanthan Safe Sky
Transponder BNK

Lanthan is a manufacturer of aviation obstacle lighting. Lanthan GmbH & Co. KG in Bremen and the associated company TWE GmbH in Gefrees develop and manufacture obstacle and hazard beacons. Since 2002, more than 75.000 hazard beacons, installed on all seven continents, have been used to safely identify obstacles to aviaton.

AIR Avionics is a certified manufacturer of avionic systems. Aviation safety is the driving force behind every action in the company. In the field of aviation traffic detection, Air Avionics is a market leader. Over the past couple of years, more than 15.000 detection systems have been produced, which make an important contribution to safe flight operations worldwide every day.

RECASE is a North German engineering company with extensive expertise and experience in the field of project management and in the on- and offshore wind industry. The team consists of project engineers and managers with manufacturing experience and has a broad portfolio of international customers in Europe and overseas.

We are a team of over 40 experts in the fields of aviation, wind energy and project management.


Project management expert
Expert for complex scopes of delivery and service, interfaces, CEO RECASE.


System development and integration
Many years of experience in system integration and development of safe systems. CEO Lanthan.


Finance and Controlling
Experienced in controlling, administration and financial management. Pilot. CFO AIR Avionics.

Michael Hinterbichler

Project Manager Sales

Manager for sales projects.


Software Development

Expert for avionics and development of safety-critical and certified software. Pilot. CTO Air Avionics.


Head of Sales

Project engineer, expert for ADLS. Contact and speaker at many events a year.


Marketing and Business Development.

Expert in aviation, strategic product marketing and regulatory bodies. Pilot. COO Air Avionics.


Project Management Expert
Long-time professional expert and manager in the wind industry, pilot and flight instructor. CEO RECASE.

Andrea Rohde

Project Director

Project manager with decades of experience in the wind energy branch in both the manufacturing and operator fields.

Simon Göbel

Distribution and Customer Services

Commercial contact for sales and distribution enquiries.

Sonia Göppert

Finance and Controlling

Experienced in export formalities and order processing. Responsible for invoicing.

Christiane Schmöller

Project Lead

Project Lead for ADLS projects across Germany.

Franziska Ingwersen

Office Manager

Experienced Office Manager Accounting.


Production and QM

Production and QM expert. Decades of aviation experience. Pilot and flight instructor. CEO AIR Avionics.


Lead Project Management

Project engineer and technical contact for wind energy and ADLS projects.


Public and Government Affairs

Co-inventor and long-time supporter of transponder-based ADLS. Rooted in wind energy. CEO Lanthan.


Chief Technology Officer
Experienced project engineer and product manager. CTO and Managing Director Lanthan Safe Sky.


Installation and Planning
Field engineer in the on- and offshore sector. Installation support for transponder-based ADLS.


Software development and geoinformatics
Pilot and experienced software developer in geoinformatics, web- and server system development.

Jochen Fuglsang-Petersen

Head of Technology

Many years of experience as an expert, project leader and manager in wind energy, pilot and flight instructor, experience abroad.

Viola Kleen

Administrative manager and operational purchasing

Organisation of the day-to-day business for Lanthan Safe Sky. Experienced in commercial project management.

Dr. Hendrik

Software and system development
Certification manager, pilot and flight instructor, physicist. Expert for safety-critical interfaces and detection technology.

Sören Hunwardsen

Project Management

Project engineer for ADLS projects, with a focus on interfaces for beaconing systems.

Ulrike Schönberger-Unruh

Key Account Manager

Experienced and competent contact for our clients.

Claas Lemmermann

Projekt Management (Offshore)

Project engineer for specialized ADLS offshore applications.

Petra Kraft


Competent and friendly contact for internal accounting and administrative duties.

Nikolaus Lehmann

Project Lead for Sales Projects

Contact person for key accounts, customer relations, and sales projects.

Finn Niklas Peters

Distribution and project support
Student intern "Environment and political science".
Expertise in the field of market approval.

Sabine Schachner

Marketing and PR Manager

Marketing and Public Relations Manager at Lanthan Safe Sky.

Florian Dietl

Software development and server systems

Physicist. Develops and administers components for the Lanthan Safe Sky Server infrastructure.

Carmen Baumann

Project Lead
Project Lead for ADLS projects across Germany.

Georg Garrecht

Technical Support

International renowned expert for transponder technology and detection. Pilot. Shareholder AIR Avionics.

Tobias Kanter

Project Management

Project Engineer for large scale ADLS system planning and customer specific documentation.

Natalie Dudenhöffer

Sales Manager

Competent contact for sales enquiries.

Henning von Barsewisch

CEO Lanthan Safe Sky

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director Lanthan Safe Sky.

Jonathan Stecher

Project Engineer

Planning ADLS installations

Stefan Lorenzen

IT- and Google-Cloud Administrator

Administration clients and server systems

Marco Hansen

Disposition and Technical Support

Expert operative service and technical support

Bror Söth


Competent contact for sales enquiries.

Nelly Kirsch

Project Lead
Project Lead for ADLS projects across Germany.

For a safe sky and dark nights.