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Lanthan Safe Sky reaches another milestone

More than 50 ADLS projects close to approval, six systems already approved

  • More than 50 approval processes throughout Germany are currently nearing completion and 6 ADLS systems are already in operation.
  • Successful completion of the approval process is the basic prerequisite for commissioning.
  • Lanthan Safe Sky expects further approvals and commissioning by the end of the year

Walldorf, November 5, 2021

After three successful quarters in 2021, Lanthan Safe Sky is delighted to have reached another milestone in its still young company history: more than 50 approval processes are nearing completion with the relevant authorities, and six ADLS systems have already been successfully activated. This makes Lanthan Safe Sky the undisputed leader among ADLS providers.

The official approval is the prerequisite for activating the transponder-based on-demand night-time marking, which ensures that the obstacle marking on wind turbines will only light up when there is air traffic in the vicinity. As flight safety, in other words the safety of pilots, plays a central role, every project undergoes an extensive approval process that can be roughly divided into the following steps: Firstly, the air traffic-relevant preliminary inspection is carried out by the type approval body, airsight GmbH.

The results of the verification of the overall functionality or the test criteria are sent to the operator, who then applies for the ADLS from the responsible approval authority and/or aviation authority, depending on the carrier procedure. The state aviation authority examines the site-related documents, including the expert opinion of the type approval authority, and decides on the commissioning of the ADLS. Once approval has been granted, the ADLS system will be installed, made ready for operation and activated after a trial run.

“This milestone is a very special one for us,” explains Steven Siemen, Head of Project Management. Managing Director Mitja Klatt adds: “For our customers, the official approval is the last hurdle to be overcome in this extensive process. As the exact procedure can vary from state to state, our experience and the expertise of our type testing center is particularly important, as we are familiar with all the individual regulations thanks to constant and extensive consultation with the state aviation authorities.”

“After a busy and eventful year, Lanthan Safe Sky is now entering the final spurt in the last quarter of 2021,” says Marc Förderer, Head of Business Development. “We are optimistic that we will be able to successfully complete numerous other approval processes in the coming weeks and activate several more ADLS systems by the end of the year. In total, we will then have almost a dozen ADLS systems successfully in operation in 2021. We are proud of our team, which has done real pioneering work over the past year and a half in very complex and new territory for everyone involved.”

About Lanthan Safe Sky GmbH

Lanthan Safe Sky GmbH‘s mission is to make the sky safer and nights darker. It emerged from the founders and players of Lanthan, Air Avionics and RECASE and thus combines the expertise of a leading provider of obstacle marking systems, an aviation-approved avionics system manufacturer and an experienced engineering and consulting service provider in the field of renewable energies.

The companies involved came together years ago to bring secure, cost-effective and sustainable detection technologies to market maturity with the Transponder ADLS.

They worked hard over a long period of time to create acceptance for this young technology. With success, as a broad consensus was reached: New legal regulations in countries such as Germany, but also at the ICAO, the world’s highest-ranking international civil aviation organization, allow the use of transponder ADLS technology, which is emission-free and based purely on the reception of data that every aircraft transmits anyway.

Contact details:
Lanthan Safe Sky GmbH
Wieslocher Str. 38
69190 Walldorf
Contact person:
Mitja Klatt
Phone: + 49 (0) 6227 69 89 630

For a safe sky and dark nights.