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Four steps to your ADLS

Here we have outlined all the measures which will be taken to ensure smooth implementation and operation. As the first provider of transponder-based ADLS, we have been able to successfully implement all four steps, obtain all the necessary authorizations, and darken the night sky safely.

Following are the four steps to a safe and low-risk retrofitting with Lanthan Safe Sky.

Lanthan Safe Sky Transponder BNK

Enquiry, Offer, Order

For a first estimate, send us information about your project, e.g. your wind farm coordinates and turbine data. A detailed list of the required information can be found in this excel file:

We determine the number of receivers required and issue you a binding and free offer. 


Lanthan Safe Sky Transponder BNK

Engineering and Authorization

  1. Once you have accepted our offer, we verify the air traffic eligibility of your project (site verification stage I), working together continuously with a type certification authority experienced with air traffic. In case doubts arise to the feasibility of the project, there is the possibility to cancel at this stage for a minimal cost.
  2. In the second step, our project engineers develop a technical solution that is optimally tailored to your project. To this end, we analyse the wind farm network, obstruction lighting components and manufacturer interfaces. Due to our highly compatible technology we are able to react to individual requirements to provide an optimal solution.
  3. Based on this planning, we can generate and deliver the complete documentation which is essential in gaining the necessary authorization. (site verification stage II). The type certification authority plays a major role here too, to ensure an independent review and therefore a rapid processing of your authorization process.

The major advantage of this approach for you is that you receive all relevant approvals before installation of our system, and therefore legal certainty of feasibility before significant costs have been generated. At this point it is once again possible to cancel the project risk-free if, for example the authorisation process fails and therefore provides you with an exceptional exemption from the legal obligation to outfit with ADLS.

Erste BNK Installation der Lanthan Safe Sky

Das Bild zeigt den ersten Installationseinsatz eines unserer Teams im Frühjahr 2020. Der einzige Tag mit Schnee in Schleswig Holstein und ein toller Meilenstein für uns Team.


Installation and Commissioning

Depending on the project conditions, we establish the desired scope of the project, from hardware delivery to the turnkey completed order. Together with your own technicians or independently, we accompany the installation and documentation steps which follow and ensure an optimal outcome.

Then the great moment has arrived. After installment and the final steps in documentation, we switch on the ADLS, and the obstruction lighting from this point on burns only when aircraft are in the vicinity.

Lanthan Safe Sky Transponder BNK

Operation and Service

We assist you in service and support for the entire duration of the project. We maintain a broad toolset for the technical operation of the ADL system, including a specifically developed online portal which enables our customers to operate the ADLS easily and without a lot of training and to reliably meet the stated reporting requirements to the authorities. API interfaces are available for integration into existing plant monitoring.

We not only stand for safe skies and dark nights, but also for risk-free operation, maximum availability and low running costs. 

For a safe sky and dark nights.